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      The Fusion Corrections EHR Community

      is a sharing community.

      Corrections EHR


      Fusion works closely with our clients in implementing suggested improvements & features in future releases. Our user community is very active in sharing creative solutions among themselves. Through the duration of our partnership with you, all suggestions and system improvement ideas will be considered for future corrections EHR software releases.

      Fusion is a partner you can rely on to work with your organization to help you meet the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our “healthymagination” vision for the future invites you to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on reducing costs, reducing recidivism, increasing access and improving the quality of healthcare for corrections agencies around the world.

      Building a Strong Foundation

      Fusion invests 25% of annual revenues into the continuous development of our corrections EHR. Organizations who are live with Fusion’s corrections Electronic Health Record solution share their successes. Their best tools and practices go into our Foundation System, giving you a strong base to build on.

      Sharing Model

      Fusion’s corrections EHR customer platform is based off the sharing model. Replicate the successes of other correctional health systems.

      Collaborating for Success

      Fusion’s corrections EHR user community is a proactive, collaborative group that regularly shares best practices. Here at Fusion, we maintain an active dialog with our users and encourage collaboration. We want you to see us as more than just your corrections EHR vendor and we want to hear from you, our end user, to make our solutions better for you.

      Fusion’s corrections- based focus groups to provide feedback during new development cycles in corrections content. We work closely with our client base to gather feedback on what features the clients would benefit from most, what new standards are being considered by NCCHC and ACA as well as how advances in technology can be applied to our corrections EHR and the corrections environment in general. Prior to each development cycle all enhancement requests are pulled into a report, and ranked by how often they have been requested, and this forms the basis of the initial list of enhancements to be considered.

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